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Infinite Variety: Part 3

How about some triangles next!

Obviously, I am drawn to simple designs!

Infinite Variety: Part 2

Here’s another round of pictures.  All are squares or rectangles and lines:

(note the cat!)

Surprisingly, this is one of my favorites.  I think it’s because of the impact the quilting makes on it overall:

More to come!  Here’s a link to the whole album

Here’s an article that includes pictures of the exhibit being set up.

And another blogger’s take on the exhibit.

Infinite Variety: Part 1

This weekend I made a quick trip to Jersey City and NYC.  Stopping Jersey City meant sharing some swug wuvin’ with some of my favorite gals (and dinner at Skinner’s Loft.  If you are in Jersey City, eat there!) and a night of laughter (and tears).  It’s wonderful how good friends fill your soul.

On Sunday, Becky and I headed in to NYC to view Infinite Variety and Quilt Masterworks both shows presented by the American Folk Art Museum.

Infinite Variety was amazing and I’ll cover some of the quilts I saw there in the next few posts.

Infinite Variety: Room from entrance

The 650+ quilts were set up in a simple but breathtaking style.  Set up in smaller rounds to mimic the idea that most quilts were created in a community setting, this exhibit acknowledged the beauty of the space it was in and allowed the beautiful artwork evident in the quilts to shine.

Infinite Variety: Quilts in round

The lighting did a wonderful job highlighting the patterns, too.

Infinite Variety: Quilts in the round pt 2

I also enjoyed the display towards the back of the room that included a wall of quilts.

Infinite Variety: Wall of quilts

Infinite Variety: Wall of Quilts, part 2

Infinite Variety: Wall of Quilts part 3

It was really great to see so many styles of block making, appliqué and quilting in one space.

Infinite Variety

Ok, one more for today:

Infinite Variety

Can’t wait until I blog them all?  Here’s a link to my pictures